28 Day Posture Awareness Program
Slouching... Forward Head Posture... Imbalances in Sitting
and Standing and Chronic Discomfort & Pain
Move with Awareness and Ease in all Activities

Your Solution to Posture Improvement

Posture Made Simple!

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? What about stiff and distracting neck discomfort?


Does sitting trigger lower back issues? Perhaps repetitive actions at work or performing daily activities seem to give you trouble.

Are you confused about your posture?

We often take our back, and for that matter our body for granted until we have pain. And, our backs are vulnerable, as most chairs do not support proper posture. Along with stresses at home or work, driving, even a poor diet and a lack of time outdoors can lead to, or contribute to, imbalance and chronic pain issues.


How you sit, stand, move – even speak and breathe will impact your posture and the way you experience balance and ease in your body.

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Is Posture the New SuperPower?

Rita Rivera

  • Teacher of the Alexander Technique

  • ChiLel Chigong Practitioner

Creator of:

  • Restorative Movement & Dance

  • Your Brilliant Back Posture Program

  • Host of Happy Health Podcast



I am a Dancer, teacher of the Alexander Technique and Posture Coach.


I have been working with people in all walks of life for almost 30 years around their posture and chronic pain issues - and - this is my most common question...

"What can I do at home to remind me of the principles that you teach?"

In the 3 years it takes to train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique,

I felt fortunate to have this essential time to make important shifts in my posture. I built awareness around my work habits as a dancer and developed the necessary tools to understand my body - all leading to smart choices around prevention and graceful aging!

Your Brilliant Back

 28 Day Posture Program has been developed over my 30 year career as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

In the program, I share all my secrets of how I care for my back and body.


I share what I have learned from two back injuries during my dance

career to a healed state where my body feels restored and is thriving.

What you can expect from Your Brilliant Back Program

Experience Your Body’s Natural Balance, as you learn skills for long term health.

  • Apply the basic principles of the Alexander Technique, along with basic anatomy to guide your journey

  • Begin the process of healing old injuries, decreasing stress on joints & safeguard intervertebral discs

  • Experience more vitality & fluidity in your back and spine

  • Tools to build awareness in assisting you in healing and aging

This program does not use exercises.

We use "Subtle Motions" and "Micro-movements" to identify areas of holding for release.

Although the program does not put you through an exercise routine – you will build a strong foundation allowing you to approach exercises correctly.

The knowledge base gained from this program can be applied to all activities that  you do.

In the 28 Day Your Brilliant Back Program:

You are guided to embody the components that are necessary to restore balance & coordination

  • We focus on building awareness and directing our thinking to support long lasting changes

  • Experience "Dynamic Posture" for relief of neck and back issues and support graceful aging

  • You learn that how you stand and how you sit is critical to being pain free and having a healthy back

  • You experience the power of breathing and guided imagery to greatly reduce stress

  • Understand how to undo stress patterns caused by professional demands and repetitive actions

  • Incorporate skills that support you when healing from trauma, injury or accidents

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Overview of the 28 Day Program

Week 1

Day 1-7

Freeing the Neck & Back

In this foundational week, Rita lays the groundwork for our journey.

You will learn:

  • The importance of becoming the observer.

  • What is Restorative Rest and how to practice it, setting the framework for resetting patterns of stress and tension.

  • Simple anatomy that will give you a visual guide to focus your attention on.

  • Learn a foundational principle of the Alexander Technique, “Free the Neck”. What does that mean? And how you do it.

  • How building awareness and releasing key points around the head and neck contribute to lengthening and widening the back.

  • A simple and calming breathing focus.

Day 8 - 9

Restorative Rest & Reset

Week 2

Day 10-16

The Balanced Body

Using the principles that we set-up in our first week, we begin the exploration of fine-tuning weights and balances.

We will explore:

  • The relationships of our torso.

  • Our feet and how we stand.

  • How we balance.

  • How are legs integrate into our pelvis and low back.

  • Carriage of the shoulder girdle.

  • Using our arms.

Day 17 - 18

Restorative Rest & Reset

Week 3

Day 19-25

Easeful and Fluid Motion

Completing our first two weeks has paved the way to turn our focus on how we move.

We will turn our attention to finding ease and fluidity in:

  • Sitting and standing with ease.

  • The 3 movements that are essential for a healthy spine.

  • How to experience more ease and fluidity in your spine.

  • Exploring breathing from different perspectives.

Day 26 - 27

Restorative Rest & Reset

Day 28

A Guided Restorative Rest

What you can expect...

Each day for 28 consecutive days:

  • You will receive a daily email with a link to that days material.

  • The link will take you to a detailed video that will be under 10 minutes.

  • You will come away with a "Building Block" for that day, to be incorporated into your day.

  • You will receive an affirmation for each day.

Each daily sequence taken on it’s own (or alone) may not seem so remarkable or special that this could have that much of an impact.


However, When we stack them one on top of the other, there is an experience of escalation, as each day builds on the experience of the previous day, creating momentum, multiplying what has come before – creating results.


                     Revitalize the way you feel in your body, impacting your work, play and family time


"Rita has 30+ years of experience as a posture coach and in movement and dance... and it shows. Working with Rita has been an eye-opener for me. She embodies every essence of the words she teaches, and I must say, "the proof is in the pudding!" She moves with such ease and grace, it is inspiring! 


At 11 years old, I had a severe back injury that gave me 20 years of pain and eventually led me to get back surgery at the age of 34. I have integrated Rita's Brilliant Back program into my post-surgery rehabilitation program. I cannot emphasize enough how integral this program is for assisting me to regain alignment, feel more fluid and PAIN-FREE movements in my back. The stiffness and soreness is gone and I am feeling better than I have in many years. To anyone who is suffering from back pain or in recovery from serious back injuries, I HIGHLY recommend integrating this Brilliant Back program into your daily routines. The difference you will feel between day 1 and 28 will leave you wondering why you didn't buy the course sooner."

R. Manna



"I scheduled my first sessions with Rita Rivera when my oboe teacher recommended Alexander Technique to help me with tension-related problems in my oboe playing. Rita made observations, asked questions, and worked with me, with and without my instrument, to gently release unnecessary tension in my breathing, posture, and patterns of use, allowing for more freedom and expressive range. My oboe teacher confirmed the accuracy of her observations and I could feel and hear the improvement in my playing. 


Before working with Rita, I suffered from headaches after driving long distances. Subtle and sustainable shifts in the alignment of my head and neck, back, knees and feet completely eliminated these headaches. I highly recommend sessions with Rita to anyone suffering from repetitive use injury. In the case of musicians, our breath and bodies are our primary instruments, whether we are singers, pianists, percussionists, string or wind players. My oboe teacher knew I was playing with unnecessary tension and also knew I needed the help of an Alexander Technique practitioner to identify the sources of the tension and learn more effective patterns of use.


Rita is more than an Alexander Technique practitioner. She is an artist, a gifted dancer and dance teacher, someone with a lifelong dedication to learning about the wisdom of the body and helping others to benefit from what she has learned.


Recently, in preparation for presenting an original performance piece at a national conference, I attended a four-week series taught by Rita. Each week we learned about freeing a different area of the body. The awareness I received from these classes has stayed with me, initiating a ripple effect of expansion and release that enhances every aspect of my life, from playing music to typing at the computer, teaching, conducting, performing, sleeping, running, visiting my family, working in my garden."

Lorna K. Professional musician


"I want you to know that in general, my back pain and sciatica problems have been relatively mild to non-existent for most of the past 9 years. I rarely suffer anything like the discomfort or pain I had when I first came to see you, around 12 years ago. I am still playing baseball, pitching, and still reasonably effective, even though the league has lowered the minimum age to 25 and I am not getting any younger. I think about my posture many, many times a day, and try to practice what you have taught me. I am glad to hear that you are back teaching, because I really think you do a terrific job. Thanks so much for what you have given/taught me.
I hope to see you again, whether for a refresher course lesson or two."

Hal L.


"I had a session of the Alexander Technique with Rita Rivera. It was incredible! It is like learning the proper posture from within. It really works! I felt the greatest relief for my back in years! Thank you Rita. I recommend the treatment to everyone!"

P. Materassi


"Rita Rivera is a well know dancer in the area  -- she built and started Studio 418, a thriving local center for dance and preforming arts. She also does body work. I have been seeing her as a client/patient trying to get through some chronic lower extremity issues. She is trained/certified in Alexander technique. I had heard about this technique for years without really understanding what it meant. I'm not very articulate about these things, but the way I would describe it is to say that Alexander technique is very gentle form of body work that is uses the patent's awareness of breathing and posture to help shed dysfunctional movement and unnecessary muscular tension. Rita stands alongside and talks you very slowly through a few daily movements -- something as simple as sitting in a chair or getting up and down from it.

I was amazed doing this work to learn how much goes into such simple daily movements and how, with her coaching me through subtle alterations of weight setting up the movement, I could change the way I stand, transition and ambulate. She combines passive and active elements (mostly verbal coaching but also gentle touch) and works on very simple movements. The result, for me is significant pain management and a gradual recovery of more symmetrical use of lower extremity function.

Rita is an admired dancer, Alexander practitioner and business woman in Santa Cruz. Ask anyone in town in the dance and performance community and you will hear high praise for her serious long term contributions."

Christine M.

"I have Parkisons and tension is my worst symptom. It’s not the kind of tension that can be alleviated in the usual ways. If it can be eliminated or reduced at all, it requires something deeper and more subtle. I’m experimenting with Rita’s combination of ChiGong and Alexander Technique. I’m encouraged and amazed. I was able to feel much more fluid and retain that feeling for some time. I don’t attribute this only to Rita’s unique combination of skills, but also to her artistry. I think her background as a dancer/choreographer in combination with her sensativity, physical awareness, energy awareness, and attention to detail, enable her to apply these tools in a way that is atuned and effective for an individual no matter what their issue is. She is also very enthusiastic - I’d even say passionate - about helping her clients. A very unique and rare combination of talents!"

Craig H.

"It has been quite synchronistic having Rita entered my life. Her broad knowledge of the body through various healing modalities makes her approach to the body superbly holistic. Went in with major pain in my back and finally she is helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to this chronic pain. Thank you Rita!"

Jazz K.

"Wow! I’ve known Rita for years now as a friend and colleague and event took one of her movement classes a while back- but having a one on one session with her shifted some deep physical habits that have been contributing to pain in my body for a while now. She’s so knowledgeable, experienced and present while she works. Love that she offers support this way... highly recommended."

Bernadine R.

"Rita is a master of the Alexander Technique. She has helped me find and maintain a posturing that prevents aches and pains. Her hands on work brings a groundedness and helps me be more mindful of where my body is in space. I am so impressed with her, the work she does, and the impact it has had on me in such a short time. Thank you, Rita!"

Dr Julie M.

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$ 97.

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I'm confident that you will enjoy the program, learn new skills and create positive changes!


One week after purchase, if you have not received value from the program, you may request a full refund!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do the 28 days in succession? What happens if I miss a day?

The most important thing is to stay in sequence. If you miss a day (or more), just pick up where you left off. Also, if you are getting a lot from one sequence, you can repeat it as many times as necessary. Again, just stay in sequence.

I understand that the Building Block Challenge is something that we need to work with during the day, is it complicated? What if I get really busy and forget?

The daily Building Block is at the heart of the course. The lecture of the day will lead organically into the Building Block Challenge. To get the most out of the program, it's important to have reminders of the daily challenge and I will give you a fun way to have reminders throughout the day.

What are the requirements to take the course? Do I need to purchase anything?

The most important requirement is for you to be open and feel motivated to learn something new and to create change. Once you have purchased the course, I recommend that you have a journal and some post-it or magnetic notes.


How is this different from other programs that say they relieve back pain?

There are many approaches to addressing posture improvement, chronic discomfort and pain. Most programs focus on exercise or yoga moves. The Brilliant Back Program is very different from other programs. My work revolves around building awareness that can be applied right away. As opposed to exercises, my program uses "subtle motions", "micro-movements" and directing your thinking to release holding patterns and re-educate the body into a more natural alignment.

One benefit of the program is that the principles you learn will become life long skills! And these skills can become the underlying foundation as you perform any exercises or work-out routine.

Seated at your desk, driving long distances, hiking, playing an instrument or simply preparing a meal, you will be able to approach these activities with a new awareness, sense of balance and graceful posture!


Isn't it time to lessen or alleviate your chronic discomfort and pain?

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